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Day Clean 400 - Smart Ozone Sterilizer

Using Day Clean 400 Smart ozone sterilizer to decompose hormones and chemical substances in meat and kills 99.99% of colon bacillus and it will not affect food's original taste and nutrition.

What is ozone?

Ozone is both a strong oxidizing agent as well as a strong disinfectant. Because of this, both benefits (oxidation and disinfection) can be achieved during the single step of ozonation. Ozone is an effective and simple solution to achieve clean and healthy indoor air quality. 

Produce drinking water:

Ozone is an unstable molecule which readily gives up one atom of oxygen providing a powerful oxidizing agent which is toxic to most waterborne organisms. It is a very strong, broad spectrum disinfectant that has already been widely used in Europe for many years, both to treat water and disease. Ozone is the ONLY oxidizer that can meet drinking water standards by eliminating such contaminants as cryptosporidium. It is also an effective method to inactivate harmful protozoa that form cysts. It also works well against almost all other pathogens.

Washing foods:

Ozone can effectively kill most bacterial & viruses with more than 99% efficiency, and can also adequately eliminate residues of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the surface of vegetables & fruits. Besides, ozone has advantages to decompose hormones & antibiotics in meat, poultry & fish, which can damage people’s health.

Washing fruits and vegetables: Removes pollutants pesticide residue vegetable, Seafood and meat: Removes stench and other bacteria on seafood. Baby milk bottle: Ozone active oxygen water removes odor and sterilizes baby milk bottle (replace nursing bottle sterilizer)

Washing Cloths and Toys:

Ozonated Water for Toys sterilization and cloths washing .

Air Purification: removes foul smell, room air sterilization

Ozone disinfection : Ozone output : 400mg/hr

Automatic timed working : 5, 10, 15, 20 , 60 mins

Weight: 1KG

1 year warranty


Effectively decomposes hormone

Effectively decomposes hormone2 -veg.

To disinfect bacteria in house