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  • The first master handbook series of the owner chef, Eunyoung Yun, patisserie garuharu is based on her signature menu, eclair.

    The recipes capture every seasons essences and the natural taste of the ingredients. Her sophisticated techniques and modern textures are introduces in detail throughout the handbook. With nearly 300 pages, the book offers up to 22 different creations, all with the unmistakable stamp that have made her éclairs famous around the world. The book also contains two recipes for gluten-free choux pastry, especially designed for those allergic to this ingredient.

    The popular Korean chef at the helm of Garuharu, Eunyoung Yun, has released a monographic book on her star specialty, the éclair. In it, the chef sets out to reveal its keys and a theoretical basis to master choux pastry.

    The book, as the author herself explains, is the first in a series that will review different classic pastry formats, always with the creative style and philosophy of this chef based in Seoul.

    At the moment, the release of two more volumes is planned, one which is now available, dedicated to the world of tarts, with a structure similar to the first one and with a display of creations that also highlight the colorful and sharp style of this chef. The third book dedicated exclusively to decorative techniques.