Revolution in Pastry - Leonardo Di Carlo


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Revolution in Pastry

With his best-selling manual "Tradition in Evolution - art and science in pastry", Leonardo Di Carlo has drawn an innovative scientific and creative approach, going to question and rationalize the operating method and thought in the laboratory.

With this substantial volume, he marks a new dawn in pastry, focusing on that noble ingredient that is flour, to trace another evolution, showing that everything is perfectible. From leavened desserts to various pastries, cakes, large leavened dough, cupcakes and shortbreads, fried and savory pastries, breads and focaccias, and savory snacks: from each recipe one or more versions are born that "revolutionize" the former, enhancing the richness of culture contemporary confectionery, with a clear message: when you know the ingredients thoroughly, everything is possible!

Size21.5 x 4.6 x 28.5 cm

LanguageBilingual (Italian & English)


Author/sLeonardo Di Carlo


847 pages

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