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Smoke gun - Portable Smoke Infuser


$625.00 HKD

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    •  SMOKY FLAVOR in ONE MINUTE - Lab engineered FAST AND DENSE SMOKE generator. 
    •  VERSATILE - SMOKES ANYTHING, even things usually not smokable: ICE-CREAM, COLD DRINKS, salad, spices, seafood, pasta, and many more!
    •  EXTREMELY SIMPLE TO USE - ONE BUTTON, ergonomic, hands-free design. Battle-tested SINGLE OPTIMAL SPEED to deliver OPTIMAL SMOKE DENSITY.
    •  PROFESSIONAL DESIGN- Build from high-grade HEAT-RESISTANT materials, with an eye-pleasing semi-glossy finish on the body.
    • EXPLORE DELICIOUSNESS- to experience a sizzling beef rib steak, well done pork shoulder, tasty pastrami or game birds with a twist, just smoke it grab a beer and enjoy food at its finest.
    • product size: 15 x 12.5 cm
    • Wood Chip >>click to order
    • Smoke cover >> click for detail