Rose Petals -Dried Rose Petals



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  • Classically Versatile - Our Rose Petals Bloom, comes in loose petals, has a mildly sweet and fruity flavor, and is caffeine-free, so it is a fantastic anytime tea that dazzles in a light, golden color with a pink undertone after it is brewed and bask in its floral aroma
  • Easy To Use - To blossom your wellness, simply infuse or sprinkle them into your favorite beverages, baked goods, and dishes, and you'll be enjoying fun and creative meals in no time! Then tuck the rest away in the resealable pouch and store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight
  • Feel Good Ingredient - Non-GMO and certified gluten-free, our blooms are made with ingredients plucked from nature and are sourced, processed, and packaged with the highest standards to ensure the highest quality
  • weight: 9 g