Mason Jar Infuser Filter


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  • FITS ALL WIDE MOUTH BALL MASON JARS - Proper Goods versatile mason Jar infuser and filter fits 24, 32, 48, 64 oz Mason Jars for everyday use. (NOT ABLE TO USE for 16oz)
  • MAKE PROFESSIONAL COLD BREW AT HOME - Simply add freshly ground coffee and water, cover overnight for a perfectly smooth cold brew
  • VERSATILE FILTER - Easily filter your home made loose leaf tea, cold pressed juices, and nut milks
  • FRUIT INFUSED DRINK & WATER: Add a splash of fruit to your water to make sure the whole family stays hydrated. Cucumbers, citrus, berries or melons the flavor combinations are endless.
  • TOP QUALITY & CONSTRUCTION - High quality 304 stainless steel construction, durable and easy to clean. 150 Micron fine mesh filter for finely ground coffee, giving your brew a smooth no grit finish