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  • Kishu Charcoal is made from 100% natural oak tree branches.
  • Plastic free filter
  • suggest to use: How to use: Simply place in any water bottle. Add cool water. Allow to filter. Drink. One stick lasts 4-6 months.

Kishu Charcoal - Kishu Charcoal Filter for Pitchers

Kishu Charcoal Filter for PItchers is the perfect counter-top water filter solution. Ideally placed in any 1-2 quart pitcher, Kishu begins working immediately, bonding with toxins in tap water. Just add tap water in the evening for use the next day. Kishu Charcoal is made from 100% natural oak tree branches.

Kishu Charcoal is the plastic-free way to delicious tasting water. Simply place the appropriate size n a pitcher, water bottle, or large jug - add tap water - watch Kishu go to work filtering out impurities and enhancing the taste of your water.

Made by artisans, using traditional methods, Kishu Charcoal begins as branches of sustainably harvested oak trees are placed in a kiln until 1000 degrees and many days later, the dense, glass-like material (Kishu) emerges.

This is the process that makes Kishu Charcoal such a fantastic eco-water filter! One stick lasts four months and then can be reused as a deodorizer (refrigerator or garbage pail). Kishu is completely compostable - break it up and use it to enhance soil in the garden


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