Soy Lecithin 大豆卵磷脂


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Soy lecithin powder is an emulsifier usually used in molecular gastronomy to produce liquid emulsions and very light foams called airs. The light foams produced with soy lecithin can also be frozen to create a solid airy foam. These light foams or airs are very easy to make with soy lecithin powder. Just mix fruit juice or desired liquid with soy lecithin powder using an immersion blender and then introduce air into the emulsion by lifting the immersion blender up to the surface of the liquid. See soy lecithin recipes.

- Soy lecithin is ideal for converting juices and watery liquids into airs and foams

- Soy lecithin powder is a great emulsifier for sauces

- Soy Lecithin powder is equivalent to Lecite by Texturas.

Experiment the most popular molecular gastronomy techniques created by famous chefs like Ferran Adrian and Heston Blumenthal. Unleash your creativity and surprise your diners with amazing dishes.

This soy lecithin powder is perfect for converting liquids into airs and great emulsifier for sauces. Make lemon air, wasabi air, chocolate air and much more!