Ultra Thin Edible Film- FUNNELS



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>These ultra thin and semitransparent discs instantly dissolve when in contact with oil or liquid ingredients with low water content. Molecular gastronomy Chef Ferran Adria of el Bulli uses them creatively to impress diners with preparations such as disappearing liquid raviolisclear canapespaper cocktails, flavored crispy handkerchiefs, transparent turnovers, thinnest crepes in the world, Napoleon, invisible pasta rolls and cones.They can be used with a wide variety of ingredients like crèmes, praline, flavored oils, honey, foie gras, prosciutto, Nutella, dried fruits and vegetables, cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables brushed with oil, fried fish, meat or seafood and many other ingredients with low water content. The edible film disks can be cut with regular scissors to obtain any desired shape and can be sealed by applying heat with a sealer.  Made of potato starch and soylecithin, Working surface should be dry with no trace of moisture, Handle with dried hands, Discs dissolve when they get in contact with water. Characteristics: potato starch 95%, cornstarch 4.8% (without GMO), soya lecithin 0.2%.
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