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Le Parfait glass preserving jars | since 1930 Made in France 

Le Parfait was founded in the early 1930s in Reims, France, at Verreries Mécaniques Champenoises (VMC), a major glass-making company. With a steady production of high-quality wares and a product line that has continuously evolved to meet consumers’ changing needs and desires,Le Parfait served the glass jar market throughout the 20thcentury.The brand built its presence in grocery shops and general stores all around France,helping make it household name!

  • Stainless steel wire clamp, airtight natural rubber seals, straight body
  • Classic glass jar for canning | slow cook sous vide and the famous Foie gras, PÂTÉ, 
  • Or any dessert ; Cream brulee, cake pudding, compote
  • A glassware like an art piece from France Le Parfait. The Flip Cap Lid with the signature orange rubber seal is a highlight. A traditional thick glass jar well know for the Terrine Pâté and Rillettes ..., the dish well seal in glass allow to cook in boil water either in sous vide method.