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Gracilaria seaweed powder

A 100 % plant origin gelling agent, not considered an additive (E)
Slow gelling, creamier textures
Does not add flavour to liquids

- A plant-based gelling agent, ideal for customers looking for clean label solutions, not considered an additive. An alternative to agar-agar, pectins and carrageenans..
- Creates a wide range of possible textures. Also gels in acids and very salty liquids, such as soy sauce, dairy bases and even high-proof alcohols (from quantities of 0.8 %).
- Can withstand temperatures of over 160 oF (70 °C) and retain a gelled texture. Heat-reversible from 185 oF (85 °C).

Best uses
Gelatins, Gels, Compotes, Custards and curds

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