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  • Instangel is obtained from a protein obtained from animal by-products, it forms gelatin at low temperatures. It is an instant substitute for gelatin sheets or fish glue. To have an orientation, say that with a sheet of gelatin it is equivalent to about 8 g of instangel. It is ideal to respect the raw material since it does not heat up. It acts after 20 minutes of putting it in the fridge. It forms a thermo-reversible jelly. It acts as a gelatin in sheets, in very acid media it has integration problems. It is used to make mousses, meringues, semifreddos, in siphons (gelatin with gas)... It has to be mixed cold and then applied with the blender.

    Instangel also makes the complicated, fiddly steps of preparation a distant memory . Because it is a powder, fast and instant apply in cold, Now professionals can improve an important part of their work simply and practically by using Instangel.


    GELATIN DOUGH: Mix the gelatin powder with cold water in a ratio of 1 gelatin to 5 water(1:5). Hydrate for a minimum of 20 min to obtain a gelatinous mass. Stores 3 days at 5 degrees

    500g Pail / use for 30-60kg

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