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Stamp a cake - Stamp Ink Roller Foam Refills


$65.00 HKD

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Foam refills for replacement of your Stamp a Cake Roller.

Foam can be washed with detergent and reused or disposed of.

Made from food safe foam for use with Stamp a Cake Roller. 

Pack of 3 foam refills. 


Create your edible delights with Stamp a Cake, the easy way to transfer gorgeous designs with edible ink onto fondant cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

Apply stamp designs to your edible treats using Stamp a Cake's inks, specially formulated to work with the stamps (note - regular gel pastes and other colours will not work) and the easy to use Stamp a Cake Edible Ink Roller and Acrylic Stamp Holder

  • Stamps are firmly adhered to the backing sheet initially. Remove with firm pulls, it will not damage the stamp.
  • If stamp lose their adherence properties, wash well in detergent and allow to dry.
  • Keep stamps stored on backing sheets for longer life and easy storage.
  • Stamp a Cake stamps and inks are food safe.