Anitfreeze Glove | Liquid Nitrogen Glove



$285.00 HKD

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-292℉/-180℃ or Above Antifreeze Gloves for Dry Ice Handling Liquid Nitrogen Sponge and Cotton

*This is for cold resistant glove *NOT OVEN Glove

  • COLDPROOF: It can withstand low temperature of -292℉ (-180 degree Celsius)or above. 3 LAYERS to prevent frostbite-Cow leather; imported cold-proof sponge interlayer; Canberra lining. In the low-temperature storage tank of about 0.1Mpa, the gloves can effectively protect your hands
  • WATERPROOF&ABRATION-RESISTANT: The surface of the glove is made of premium waterproof cow grain leather; the wrist part is made of caw split leather. It is generally known that cow leather is the best leather for abrasion-resistant work gloves. BEETRO gloves offer puncture resistance, tear resistance and cut resistance
  • DURABLE: Double stitching on wrist for sturdy fixing. The edge of extra length on wrist is covered and fixed. There are leather reinforced on palm where are able to wear and tear
  • APPLICATION: The gloves have excellent cold and anti-freeze protection performance, and it specially used for operations and transportation related to liquid nitrogen, LNG, dry ice and freezer transportation. Please keep them in ventilated and dry place.