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Total dissolved solids -TDS Meter


$195.00 HKD

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  • More features to meet your daily needs: This product combines TDS (Total dissolved solids), EC (conductivity), thermometer three functions

    Simple operation, one-button operation: press ON/OFF to start up, HOLD lock measurement data, press ON/OFF to turn off after use, in order to make the battery more durable, even if you forget to turn off the machine, the TDS meter will automatically shut down after 5 minutes

    The accuracy of the test data is higher: the built-in ATC (automatic temperature compensation) system allows you to worry about the error caused by measuring the temperature of the liquid, and get accurate data directly and quickly, no longer wasting your precious time

    Faster detection of data: a special alloy temperature sensor unique to the front end for faster detection of liquid temperature

    Perfect after-sales service, let you rest assured to shop: no matter what product related problems you have during the use, please contact us, we will help you solve the problem within the fastest speed