Cacao Barry - Mycryo Cocoa Butter powder 100%


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A 100% cocoa butter ideally used for tempering chocolate and for salted applications

Cacao Barry Mycryo Cocoa Butter powder is a 100% natural alternative to regular cocoa butter. The powder works in variety of cooking methods at high temperatures, and blends well with the various flavors of fish and meat.

It presents a true revolution for tempering. Adding just about 1-2% Mycryo™ to melted chocolate seeds the necessary stable crystals to create perfectly pre-crystallised chocolate conveniently.

Tempering with Mycryo Cocoa Butter
  1. melt and heat chocolate to 40-45C/104-113F.
  2. allow to cool to 35C/95F for dark, or 30C/86F for white/milk/coloured.
  3. add 1% Mycryo and mix well.
  4. use when the chocolate reaches working temperature - 31-32C/ 87.8-89.6F for dark and 29-30C/84.2-86F for others.

weight : 550g

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