Mockmill Lino 200


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    Freshly-ground flour at any time with the Mockmill

    Why Freshly mill grains ?

    Freshly milled flour provides added nutrients to your diet and enhance taste. And freshly milled flour has higher vitamin and fiber levels from whole wheat berries and resulting loaves. You can always keep fresh and higher nutrients for your food.

    Foods exposed to oxygen (oxidization) for prolonged periods will result in nutrient loss.

    What you can mill with mockmill?

    They are numerous of grains. Wheat berries (rye, emmer, einkorn, spelt, kamut, teff beans, seeds (millet, quinoa, oat, corn)

    Produce your own flour as and when you need it to enjoy the full flavour of the freshest milled flour possible for optimum flavour and nutrition. 

    Wheat berries> Flour > Rye wheat berries > coarse rye (roggen schrot) > flour

    • Easy to operate
    • Simple to clean
    • Step-less adjustment of the settings from very fine to coarse
    • Throughput of approximately 200gr  of wheat per minute
    • delivered gluten-free
    • Sturdy industrial motor
    • Milling mechanism consisting of corundum-ceramic milling stones (ø 90 mm)
    • Casing: Wood
    • Made in Germany
    • 2-year warranty for commercial use
    • 12-year warranty for private use

    Download the instruction: Manual download

    Download the mill table: Milling Table download