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  • This kombucha SCOBYs are sold in a live SCOBY, And it is ready to use. 

Q. What is kombucha?

A.  Kombucha is a fermented tea made with a kombucha starter culture (mushroom, mother, scoby, etc.), tea prepared with sugar, vinegar and some kombucha tea from a previous batch (starter tea). Kombucha contains a number of vitamins, particularly B vitamins.

Kombucha is an ancient fermented tonic made from sweetened tea. Once cultured, this effervescent beverage contains a host of beneficial bacteria, yeasts, and acids imparted to it by its mother culture, often referred to as a SCOBY

  • Kombucha SCOBY Starter - DIY Organic Raw Kombucha SCOBY provides you with a potent SCOBY and great tasting starter tea filled with healthy probiotics.
  • Kombucha SCOBY Starter - Kombucha Scoby (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) beneficial in Improved Digestion, Weight Loss, Increased Energy, Immune Support, Reduced Joint Pain, Cleansing and Detoxification!
  • Step by Step Guide - Along with complete kombucha SCOBY Starter we provide you detailed instructions that cover the whole brewing process Step-By-Step & complete instructions!

    Equipment for a Kombucha SCOBY

    Learn more about choosing the best equipment for making kombucha.

    • Quart-size glass jar
    • Plastic or wooden stirring utensil
    • Tight-weave cloth or paper coffee filter
    • Rubber band to secure the cover to the jar

    Ingredients for a Kombucha SCOBY

    Learn more about choosing the ingredients for making kombucha.

    • Kombucha SCOBY
    • 4 tea bags or 3TBSP of loose tea or Rooibos
    • 1 cup organic cane sugar
    • 12-14 cups unfluoridated, unchlorinated water
    • Cotton cover
    • PH strips


    1. Boil 12-14 cups of water (approx.3Ltrs)
    2. Place 3 TBSP. of  tea blend (you can use black tea or Rooibos )in the water and let the tea steep for 5-6 mins
    3. Add 1 cup of organic can sugar into the tea, stir until sugar is fully dissolved.
    4. Let the sweet tea mixture reach room temp. 68-82F (20-27C) Degrees
    5. Pour the sweet tea into a vessel.
    6. pour the live kombucha scoby into the vessel.
    7. Store in a place with good air flour
    8. Make sure temperature of the kombucha stays between 68-82F (20-27C) Degrees.
    9. Let the kombucha sit for 7 days without moving
    10. Taste your kombucha if you want the kombucha to be more tart let the tea sit for longer, once the tea is to your liking it is ready to be enjoyed!
    11. Keep looking the PH of kombucha is between 3.2-2.5