Cacao Barry - Noir Intense Cacao powder Alkalized 1kg


$240.00 HKD

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/ Strong and bitter cacao taste / Notes of cookie with a floral and sesame touch / Deep black charcoal colour PERFORMANCE : Achieve the most intense black colour result with this powder.
  • 6.8-7.5 (Light alkalized)

    Deep shiny black colour equals sophistication, luxury and indulgence, influencing consumer perception. Take this opportunity to revisit the classics by adding a touch of elegance to your creations with Noir Intense. Its remarkable deep black charcoal colour will definitely help you bring to life the emotional experience your customers are looking for.

    This low fat and alkalized cacao powder delivers a strong and bitter cacao taste with cookie notes enhanced by a floral and sesame touch.

    Ideal for colouring and flavouring bakery, pastry and confectionery recipes such as cookies, muffins, donuts, mirror glaze, cocoa spray, etc.

    Suitable for:
    • Halal
    • KP-
    • Vegan
    • Vegetarian
    Free from:
    • Without lecithin
    • Not Gluten