Cacao Barry - Decor Cacao Powder Alkalized 1KG


$260.00 HKD

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  • Discovered by chance during cocoa butter valorisation tests by our experts, this cacao powder has an exceptional hydrophobic property. It keeps its colour, flavour and dry matt powder aspect much longer than a traditional powder to allow for a long-lasting beautiful cocoa finishing touch on your creations (up to 3 weeks in the fridge).

    Made from sustainably sourced finest quality West African beans, this alkalized and high-fat powder reveals a pleasant chocolate biscuit taste with underlying notes of cereals and caramel combined with a velvety red-brown colour.

    Décor Cacao is ideal for preparing ahead of time applications which have a high moisture content or prone to condensate during storage (e.g. tiramisu, frozen desserts, cheesecake, truffles…), thus saving time and increasing your flexibility during the whole production process.

    Décor Cacao alkalized cocoa powder

    20-22% FAT

    • 7.6-8.2 (High alkalized)
Suitable for
  • Halal
  • KP-
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
Free from
  • Without lecithin
  • Not Gluten
    • Dairy & Drinks 
    • Ice Cream & Desserts 
    • Bakery & Pastry