So good recipe 1, 2, 3(from #1-24)


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  • The most ambitious and complete collection of recipes for modern pastry!

    Three volumes in one. With more than 4.600 recipes from issues 1 to 24 of so good... magazine and more than 370 chefs from so good.

    so good.. recipes 1: issues 1 to 8 of so good... magazine.

    so good.. recipes 2: issues 9 to 16 of so good... magazine.

    so good.. recipes 3: issues 17 to 24 of so good... magazine.

    It is not only the quantity that makes it so valuable, the creations carefully review all the elements linked to a sweet creation, be it fresh pastry, baked dough, chocolate, plated desserts, or ice cream desserts. Up to 12 different families such as creams, doughs, gels and many other textures, leaving nothing out of its pages. In addition, this manual incorporates the latest trends in formulation and is a reflection of the main concerns of chefs around the world, with endless sensitivities that are also included in its formulas.


  1. Sponge cakes and bakes
  2. Sablés, crumbles ad other crispy dough
  3. Mousses
  4. Creams, crémeux, egg-free creams
  5. Ganaches and other bonbon fillings
  6. Pralinés, gianduja and other
  7. Ice creams and sorbets
  8. Gels, gelées, pâtes de fruit
  9. Glazes and sprays
  10. Sauces, syrups, soups, jams
  11. Caramels, tuiles, croustillants
  12. Drinks, foams, sandsbook