Apple Pectin


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  • Apple Pectin is used as a thickener for fruit paste confections (pate de fruit) and to gellify pastes and sauces with a high sugar content. - Fruit Jam, Fruit jelly bon bon. Mainly used at less than 1%, Product of France
  • Pectin E440 
  • Fruits pastes recipe : Mix 1 kg (2 Lbs 3 oz) fruits puree with 100g (3 oz 8/16) sugar and 30g (1 oz) pectin. Then add : 1000g (2 Lbs 3 oz) sugar 150g (5 oz 4/16) glucose 150g (5 oz 4/16) TRIMOLINE inverted sugar. 8g of tartric acid or 16g of citric acid.Heat the blending, then close in moulds. 24 months After opening: 1 month in its packaging, well closed