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  • By Jordi Bordas

    ‘Inulin has a neutral flavor and its sweetness is practically imperceptible, which meets all the requirements to be part of our basket of essential ingredients’

    ""Controlling water is a priority when it comes to creating a recipe. In recipes such as crémeux, mousses or compotes, which contain watery ingredients or that require to be frozen, this water control becomes critical. With one or several crossed techniques we can control the water but depending mainly on ingredients with high dry extract such as fats or sugars. After a long process of research, the ingredient which has best adapted to the needs mentioned is inulin, a non-digestible carbohydrate consisting basically of linear chains of fructose. It is present in many vegetables, fruits and cereals. The main extraction is made from the root of chicory. Thanks to our ice cream master and friend Antonio Sirvent, we have discovered this ingredient, which represents great technical and nutritional advances in the creation of recipes. Inulin marks the future of patisserie, which, in our view, demands to be tastier, healthier and lighter.

    Technically, inulin is a perfect ingredient: it is formed by almost 100% dry extract, has a great capacity for water uptake, a minimum sweetening power and adopts a texture and palatability very similar to that of fats. In addition, it provides stability during the freeze-thaw process, slightly lowers the freezing point and inhibits the growth of water crystals.""

    Inulin is being used in food processing, due to its starch-like properties (keep in mind that according to European legislation, inulin is not a food additive.
    Inulin can be used as a substitute for flour, without adding flavor and with a texture and palatability very similar to that of fats.In addition to these properties, it is interesting to note that the metabolism of inulin provides 1.5 kcal.
    For all these reasons, in numerous products, especially dairy products and ice cream, inulin is used to replace fats.

    Dietary fiber with prebiotic activity derived from fructose extracted from roots and tubers.

    Properties: It has the property of forming gels that retain a large amount of water.
    How to use: Dissolve in a liquid at 70ºC for complete dissolution.
    Application: Any elaboration with aqueous or fatty content.
    Observations: Once integrated into the liquid, mature the mixture at 5ºC for 2 hours so that it acts correctly, later it can be frozen. Thermoreversible between 35 to 40ºC. Avoid syneresis in thawing.
    Elaborations: Fat substitute in mousse, ice creams and creams. Creamy without fat. Bulking agent.
    Dosage: 50-200 g / kg of liquid

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