Valrhona Cacao nib 1kg


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Ingredients: Cacao Nibs

Cocoa nibs are an unprocessed product that comes straight from the cocoa bean. It is made from pieces of cocoa bean. Its powerful flavor and crunchy texture make it a very interesting addition to pastries.

How are cocoa nibs made?

The cocoa beans are fermented, dried and ultimately roasted to help them develop all their cocoa flavors. They are then extracted from their shell and ground into fine pieces, or nibs.

What are cocoa nibs used for?

Professionals are using cocoa nibs more and more in their recipes. They give desserts a unique texture. They also have a very intense cocoa flavor. Their bitter notes are much sought-after for the unique taste they provide.

They are ideal for flavoring recipes and adding taste and texture. Nibs work wonderfully in cakes, ganaches, ice creams and even chocolate bars.

Where to find cocoa nibs?

If you want to buy cocoa nibs, you can visit one of our partner-customers or simply purchase it online. Learn more about Valrhona’s 100% cocoa nibs to add to dark, milk or white chocolate for incredible results.