Ultra-tex 8


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ULTRA-TEX® 8 is a high-performance cold water swelling modified food starch derived from tapioca. It exhibits many of the properties of a modified cook-up starch and possesses high viscosity and a very bland flavor profile with good mouth melt-away characteristics. ULTRA-TEX® 8 provides high viscosity and a very smooth, short, and glossy texture in a range of instant food applications. It also imparts a rich creamy mouthfeel while possessing a very bland flavor profile. This product has moderate tolerance to heating and acidic conditions. The primary advantage when using this product is the excellent textural stability it possesses, even in cold temperature or refrigerated storage conditions.

THICKENING AGENTS: a thickener is a texturizer that allows us to obtain more or less viscous solutions without forming gels. 

Allow to vary from the thinnest to the thickest with different textures: coulis, pastry cream, ointment, etc... to adapt to each gastronomic need. Always respecting the flavor of the textured element to the maximum..

Application : Add to liquid and shake well or with hand mixer. 
Observations : You can also dry the mix to make thin crispy slices.
Preparations : All kinds of sauces, purees, toppings and pastry preparations

Dosage: 0.2-8%/ Ltr.