Tradition in Revolution - Leonardo Di Carlo


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Tradition in evolution. The art and science in pastry by Leonardo Di Carlo

More than 800 pages of technical knowledge: not only many recipes and technical information, but also the means to build one’s way of working and developing through basic notions, tests, emotions.

All the fundamental themes are treated:

  • from puff pastry to whipped mixtures
  • from choux pastry to biscuits
  • from basic creams to meringues
  • from leavened dough to cakes
  • from petits fours to praliné
  • from chocolate to pâte à bombe
  • from gelato to glazes
  • from soufflé to nougat
  • from jam to nut brittle
  • from candying to fried products
  • from alternative pastry products to savoury baking…



Author/sLeonardo Di Carlo

Hardcover832 pages

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847 pages

Weight3 kg