Tonka Bean


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  • Originating as black seeds from the Cumaru or Kumaru tree grown in Central and South America they are also known as Tonkin beans or Tonquin beans. They are used to provide flavor to a range of food items
  • Commonly used as a vanilla substitute in desserts such as ice cream, cakes, macarons as well as a popular spice to flavor gin. The possibilities of using Tonka beans in cuisine are endless and extremely delicious
  • These seeds are quite literally Amazing, if you are into cooking, and playing around with new and different textures and flavors and natural ingredients, you need to try Tonka Beans. They have a natural vanilla like flavor, very subtle and perfumated. If you are into gourmet cooking and want to experiment with new ingredients, this is a must in your shelf. Not only it will provide you with a new totally natural way of flavoring foods, but it will also make you a connoisseur since this is used by top star Michellin restaurant Chefs. Very easy to use just grind the seed, use as if it was nutmeg. You will not regret it and will expand your culinary abilities

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