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Splash Silicone Mould Silikomart


$675.00 HKD

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The Splash Silikomart mold has a fun shape and allows very pretty decorations, in particular with a "bi-material" visual effect: the interior part of the entremet can have a matte finish, produced using a velvet spray, and the exterior a glossy appearance, thanks to the included plastic separator.
Its non-stick properties make unmolding your Splash mold easy.
All you have to do is add the finish of your choice.
Made of 100% platinum silicone, this mold is resistant to temperatures ranging from -60°C to +230°C, thus guaranteeing perfect results both in a blast chiller or freezer, and in an oven.
Your creations will faithfully reproduce all the details of the mould.
No greasing is necessary for demoulding.

  • Dimensions of the heart: Ø 17 x ht 7.7 cm
  • Volume: 1320ml
  • Material: 100% platinum liquid silicone without bisphenol-A (or BPA)
  • Use: Mold usable in a temperature range from: -60°C to +230°C (Freezer - refrigerator - oven and microwave)
  • Care: Easy, dishwasher safe
  • Brand: Silikomart
  • Made in Italy