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Deodorized potato protein powder.


Potatowhip is a protein made from potatoes. It can be used as a substitute protein for both egg yolk and egg white. It enables us to incorporate air into the mixture during the beating or whipping process. Potatowhip also coagulates and emulsifies like egg.

Properties: Whipping and foaming effect. Emulsifying and coagulant capacity. .
Application: Any aqueous liquid, regardless of its pH (fruit and vegetable pulps, smoothies, de fatted broths, flavoured waters). In the case of liquids containing enzymes, whipping power is disabled by them and so they have to be disabled by heat (70 °C) before adding Potatowhip.
How to use: Mix while cold in the liquid base with no fat content and disperse with strong agitation. In order to get a uniform and stable whipping effect it’s convenient to use an automatic beater machine. Whipping effect can be improved by hydrating the product for 24 hours before beating. It works both cold and hot.
Remarks: High solubility and air retention capacity. Substitute of egg white or albumin due to its coagulant capacity. Suitable for vegan, ovo-vegetarian and ovo-lacto vegetarian diets. Coagulant capacity in a 8% proportion from 55°C.
Elaborations: Meringues, sponge cakes, doughs, macarons, marshmallows, mousses, soufflé, foams...


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