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Copper Stainless steel Measuring cup 1/4-1cup


$135.00 HKD

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  • EVER RUST: Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, this set will not rust, and provides a more health conscious option as opposed to a flimsy plastic version. Ideal to use for both liquid and dry ingredients. Features a secure insert ring and hang-friendly handles.
  • KITCHEN ESSENTIALS- A must-have for any well-equipped kitchen! This complete measuring cup and spoon set provides accurate measurements of any ingredient for all of your cooking and baking needs.
  • DIP AND SWEEP - Dip the cup into the container of flour, sugar, oats or grains, scoop out a heaping cupful and then sweep the top of the measure level with the back of a knife.These measuring cups are 100% food safe, made from high quality stainless steel and bear engraved measurements for easy and accurate use. They nest well for easy storage and take up minimal drawer space.
  • SUPREME QUALITY - Made from long lasting, kitchen durable materials, lending itself to a premium, attractive finish and high standard durability.Each crafted carefully, the outer mirror polish and inner satin polish give them a luxurious look, matchless on the market.