Citric Acid - Acide Citrique


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Acide Citrique

  • Premium Food Grade Citric Acid E330
  • Great for descaling dishwashers, coffee pots, water faucets, etc.
  • Used to add sour flavor to candies and other foods
  • Also special use for the french dessert bon bon
  • Citric acid is also sometimes used in recipes for cheese, such as ricotta or mozzarella.  1/8 cup of lemon juice can be substituted for each 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid. This is about what you would add to 1/2 gallon of milk when making ricotta, for example. If the directions include adding water to citric acid powder, you omit this water when using lemon juice, which doesn't need to be mixed with water because it's already a liquid.