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When bread becomes art

We show you how to turn bread into the heart of your bakery, with creativity and passion. The great interest in decorative breads has been demonstrated once again over the last few years at trade fairs, webinars, theoretical and practical courses and by the numerous reactions on social networks; this has been our inspiration for writing such a special book.

In more than 200 pages, you will discover everything you need to make decorative breads: from the tools, to the different techniques to use, not to mention more than 40 amazing recipe ideas. With graphics, step-by-step photos, and brief, concise texts, you will learn that the range of possibilities is almost infinite!

"We came up with the idea of giving a new life to decorative breads. This book is intended to convey how easy it can be to make extraordinary decorative breads using a variety of basic techniques and recipes." Tommy Lebe, IREKS master baker and co-author of this book.

LanguageBilingual (English & Spanish)

Hardcover200 pages