Bagel Board 12" | Bagel Flip Board with Burlap



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To get a perfectly rounded cross-section on their bagels, the old-school put their just-boiled bagels bottom-up on burlap-covered pine or cedar planks that had been wetted down, and then into the oven.

After two or three minutes, once the upper surface, i.e., the bottoms of the bagels, had baked and set, they flipped the boards over to finish directly on the baking surface, right-side-up. The secret lay in the wet burlap, which kept the tops of the bagels moist and elastic so as not to harden and crack open during baking.

When you're ready to bake, soak the Bagel board soak into water , arrange the boiled bagels topping side down, and put the boards directly on your baking oven. Use a pair of pliers, tongs, an oven mitt or oven gloves to grip the boards, which heat up quickly in a steamy, 220 degree oven. To be sure you have enough flipping room, use one less board than your oven can accommodate.

Size: 12" x 3.5" (30 x 9 cm)

Material: Cedar wood with Burlap

Quantity; 1 

Product of USA

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