kappa Carrageenan


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Kappa Carrageenan is a natural gelling agent derived from red algae, used to create firm and brittle gels.

Like Agar-Agar, carrageenan is obtained from the cell walls of red algae. Due to its composition, Kappa Carrageenan is a vegan food additive that forms a brittle and firm gel, which is potentiated and stabilized by the presence of potassium.

Kappa Carrageenan is used mostly to gel mixtures – it is the most like agar in behavior. The gel type is thermo-reversible with a texture that is firm, strong, and brittle. Gel temperature increases with ion concentration, with values ranging from 40C – 70C. The setting factor is very fast with a PH tolerance down to pH 3.6 if boiled, lower is not over heated. Moreover, the kappa carrageenan is not freezer stable and has an ion sensitivity when potassium salts are not present. Kappa also forms gels at very low concentrations with milk and the flavor release is good.