Eines - Molecular Tools set


$265.00 HKD

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  • Texturas is a line of products selected by el Bulli taller, designed to allow you to create breathtaking edible effects.

    The “Spherification Kit” products are essential for every spherical preparation: caviar, raviolis, balloons, gnocchi, pellets, mini-spheres…

    In the Eines pack, you will find all essential tools for the spherification process: the syringes allow you to measure drops in order to obtain a spherical caviar, dosing spoons of different sizes are used to obtain spherical raviolis, and collecting spoons are used to drain the preparation after the calcic bath.

    A booklet goes with this product, and explains clearly and precisely the characteristics of each product of the line Texturas gives advice, instructions and recipes, and presents the concept created by Albert and Ferran Adria and the El Bulli adventure.

  • 2 plastic 50 ml syringes, 1 set of 4 stainless steel dosing spoons (1,25 ; 2,5 ; 5 et 15 ml), 2 collecting spoons.
  • Calcium Salt Calcium Content Qty to Make 0.18% Ca solution
    Calcium Chloride 36.1% 0.5%
    Calcium Lactate 18.4% 1%
    Calcium Lactate Gluconate 9.3% 2%

    -2% Calcium Lactate Gluconate: the preferred calcium salt for Reverse Spherification because it has no discernible flavor. Use 2 g per 100 g of water to create a 2% solution of Calcium Lactate. You can stir it or mix with a blender.

    -1% Calcium Lactate: mostly used for Reverse Spherification because it has better flavor than calcium chloride. Use 1 g per 100 g of water to create a 1% solution of Calcium Lactate. You can stir it or mix with a blender.

    -0.5% Calcium Chloride: this is never used for Reverse Spherification since calcium chloride has a very salty and bitter flavor. But if you just want to practice and don't care about the flavor, use 0.5 g per 100 g of water to create a 0.5% solution of Calcium Chloride. Calcium Chloride is very hygroscopic (absorbs water in the air quickly) so close the container quickly, store it in a dry place and consider using a desiccant packet if the humidity in the air is high.

    1-Add the Calcium Lactate Gluconate to 1/3 of the main ingredient to be used. Blend with an immersion blender until it is completely dissolved. Add the rest of the main ingredient.1-How to use: recommended amount for spherification baths: 5-10gr per liter.