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Organic Heavy Coconut Cream


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  • ORGANIC HEAVY COCONUT CREAM: A staple of Thai, Indian & Caribbean cuisines, coconut milk imparts rich & creamy goodness & makes a delicious ingredient in soups, curries, sauces, desserts & beverages.
  • No Guar Gum, 30% coconut fat
  • MILK REPLACEMENT: With a higher fat content than our classic coconut milk, coconut cream can be an ideal dairy replacement in numerous recipes. It's sourced from certified organic Sri Lankan coconuts.
  • Serving suggestion: To make whipped coconut cream, refrigerate unopened can overnight. scoop the solid coconut cream into a cold mixing bowl(save liquid for later). Whip the solid cream with a chilled beater until light and light and fluffy. Lighter texture can be add some of the liquid while whipping. Add 2 tbsp of powdered sugar while whipping. 
  • 398 ml (13.5fl)
  • Ingredients: Organic coconut cream, filtered water (coconut cream is a gluten free food)